Our Founder

The Pratap Public Schools are run and managed by Rai Sahib Ch. Pratap Singh Charitable Trust which was registered in June, 1964 by our founder Rai Sahib Ch. Pratap Singh.The Trust established the Pratap...Read more

Our Guiding Light

Dr. R.S. Bhatia was a renowned educationist, academician, environmentalist and a philanthropist. A visionary and a man ahead of his time.Dr. R.S. Bhatia took on education as his mission with the...Read more

Merit Eve 2022

After the two years hiatus, Pratap Public School celebrated its Annual Day ‘Merit Eve’ with unprecedented zeal on Nov 26, 2022 to acknowledge the achievements of its glittering star achievers and faculty members. 
The Honourable chief guest Dr. Dheer Singh, Director NDRI was given a warm welcome by the school President Mr. Ajay Bhatia, Vice-President Mrs. Deepika Bhatia, Secretary Mr. Sanjay Bhatia, Jt. Secretary Mrs. Poonam Bhatia, Director-Students’ Welfare Mr. Prateek...Read more


Annual Sports Meet
Pratap Public School celebrated its Annual Sports Meet on 8th December 2022 with Comradery, gaiety and vivacity.  This was followed by hoisting of the flag and declaration of the Meet open by the Vice President of the school Mrs Deepika  Bhatia. The occasion was graced by Mr Sanjay Bhatia and Director Principal Mrs Poonam Navet. 
There after the programme started and the students of the primary and pre- primary wing participated with a vigour...Read more

Teacher's Day Celebration 2022

Teacher’s Day was celebrated on 5th September in Pratap Public School, Sector-6, Karnal with zest and vigour. The President Mr. Ajay Bhatia and the other esteemed members of the management were given a warm welcome by the teaching fraternity. 
A variety of dances, songs and games from different branches entertained the teachers for a couple of hours. Director - Principal in her thought provoking speech emphasized on introspection and living to the vision of the school....Read more


Pratap Public School, sec 6 students took part in the model debate proceedings of the National Youth Parliament on 30 th July 2022.
The principal Dr Puja Waalia Maan came up with this innovative idea to bring out the talent & caliber of the students to become future leaders of the country.
More than 50 students from classes 9 to 12 enacted a full session of the Parliament including question hour,calling attention...Read more


Like every year, Independence Day was celebrated with great zeal and passion on 10 August, 2022 in Pratap Public School Karnal to mark the 75 years of independence with the theme 'Nation First, Always First'.
The programme started with a warm welcome of Guests of honour Col. Naresh Arya, Commanding Officer of 7 Haryana NCC Battalion, Karnal by the members of school Management and the Principal.
 Students of Grades 4 and 5 presented a mellifluous
...Read more

Educational Workshop Held on 5th, July 2022

21st century skills for 21st C learners
A workshop by Srijan Publishers  was conducted in Pratap Public School, sec 6 Karnal for  more than 600 teachers from all the branches of Pratap Public Schools on July 4,2022 .
The aim was to familiarize the teachers with the goals,objectives & learning outcomes  for NEP23.The resource person Mrs. Ranjana Bhardwaj threw light on the skills required by a teacher in the changing
...Read more

Investiture ceremony & Labor Day celebrations 2023

Investiture ceremony & Labor Day celebrations 
Leaders are not born but are made by their experiences in life. To inculcate the leadership qualities in the students and to give them a field of functioning of the administrative body,Student cabinet was formed after scrutinous interviewing and selection.
The investiture ceremony for the academic year 2023-24 was held on April 29,2023  in the school auditorium.The chief guest for the function...Read more

Earth Day Celebration 2022

'The Earth Has Its Music For Those Who Listen'.
On the occasion of Earth Day that is observed on April 22 every year, students of Class X C, under the guidance of their Class teacher Ms. Divya conducted a Special Assembly. Message of Say No to Carbon, The 3 Rs, Save Power, Tree plantation etc. was blazoned among the students.
Principal, Dr. Puja Waalia Mann congratulated the students for their sincere efforts in motivating others to make Earth a...Read more