To grow in wisdom


To usher in an egalitarian and liberated society which is free from evils of gender-bias, corruption, and superstitions.


To nurture the talents of future generation and equip them with the necessary skill, knowledge and attitude that help them shape their own destiny.

Aims and Objectives

The School prepares students for the All India Secondary and Senior Secondary Examinations of the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

Its Aims are:

  1. To attain academic excellence.
  2. To develop love for knowledge and learning.
  3. To develop free thinking and a scientific bent of mind.
  4. To develop the potentialities of the individual to the fullest extent.
  5. To develop an all round personality.
  6. To help an individual to become a good member of the family.
  7. To make the individual a good citizen and a productive member of the society.
  8. To develop a true sense of fellowship, tolerance and fair play.
  9. To develop a secular outlook.
  10. To attain the aims and objectives school is providing scholarships and free education to the needy students


The school awards 21,000/- to the state toppers, 10,000/- to the district toppers and Rs. 2000 to the school toppers in the Board Examination.
Scholarships are available to deserving students on merit-cum-means basis. Students, who wish to apply, are required to send their applications by the end of April.

Arvinder Pal Makkar Best Student Award which carries a cash prize of Rs. 800/- is conferred on the best student of the year in the Junior Section.

Free Education

As in acedemics, the school excels in altruistic activities also. The school firmly believes that all eucational institutions entrusted with the task of moulding the citizens of tomorrow have  greater responsibilities towards alleviating the distress of the less priveleged.The wards of class IV employees of the schools are provided education free of cost.The school extends  free education, free books and uniform to  students hailing from the poor and marginalized sections of the society.