Our Founder

The Pratap Public Schools are run and managed by Rai Sahib Ch. Pratap Singh Charitable Trust which was registered in June, 1964 by our founder Rai Sahib Ch. Pratap Singh.The Trust established the Pratap Public School, Jarnailly Colony in 1975, and slowly but steadily the school made phenomenal progress.

In 1985 the school was affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education for instructions upto the X Standard and it was upgraded to the Senior Secondary Level (10+2) in 1989. In 1991 the Trust purchased a five acre plot of land from HUDA in Sector-6 Urban Estate, and a more spacious and multi-disciplinary complex for imparting education from Nursery to Senior level (10+2) started functioning in 1992. Fulfilling it's commitment to take education to rural areas, Rai sahib Ch. Pratap Singh Charitable Trust society,opened Pratap Public School Jundla in March 2009.

Besides preparing the students to excel in Board Examinations, the schools lay considerable emphasis on their holistic development through co-curricular activities.Training in Computer Science and sports occupies a prominent place in the school's numerous activities. Within the campus, facilities have been provided for outdoor games like athletics, lawn tennis, cricket, basketball, volleyball and a lots of other cultural activities.With only 80 students in January, 1981,the schools today have a strength of over 7000 students.