Primary Activities

  • April To June
  • July to September
  • October to December

Hindi Calligraphy Competition

Hindi Calligraphy Competition was conducted on 16th April for classes I-V to encourage students to improve their calligraphy skills. The competition was organised in their respective classrooms. The students presented excellent creativity through their writing.


Earth Day Activity


World Earth Day is celebrated annually on 22nd April to spread awareness about conserving our Mother Earth. The students  took part in poster making and  slogan writing with great enthusiasm and zeal.


Bindi Pasting Competition

Every Activity has a purpose and motivation, which educators want to foster in their pupil.

Bindi pasting competition was held on 30th April which  helped the students in their eye and hand  coordination.


Students of classes 1 & 2  participated in the activity with great enthusiasm .


Mother's Day Card Making Competition

Mother's day card making competition was held on 30th April. The students displayed their  artistic skills and the cards they made showed the love and gratitude towards their mother.