To instil democratic spirit and nurture leadership qualities among the students, Mock Youth Parliament was organised in Pratap Public School Sector 6 on August 9,2023 ,under the able guidance of the Principal Dr Puja Waalia Maan and Ms Sonia Munjal( Social Science department).
The Members of Managemen, the Guest of Honour Ms Priyanka Samdhyan (Civil Judge, Delhi), our special invitees and the teachers from different schools under HOL Programme (Mount Zee Litera Public School Karnal, R S Public School Karnal, Tagore Baal Niketan Public School Karnal and DAV Police Public School Madhuban) appreciated the efforts of the students in showcasing Mock Youth Parliament with great political fervor.
One of the debatable issues of the event was the Uniform Civil Code (UCC), a subject of enduring debate in the country. Passionate discussions ensued as participants explored the potential merits and challenges of implementing a common set of laws that transcends religious boundaries.
In an impressive display of solidarity and empathy, the Youth Parliament also deliberated on India's aid efforts in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria. The participants acknowledged the significance of extending a helping hand to nations in times of crisis, emphasizing the importance of international cooperation and humanitarian values.
Shifting focus to domestic matters, the deliberations included the decision to phase out the INR 2000 banknote from circulation. The participants engaged in thoughtful arguments about the economic implications of this move, as well as its potential impact on various sectors of society.
Tragedies that have cast a shadow on India's recent history also found their place in the discussions. The Odisha train accident, a stark reminder of the need for improved railway safety measures, was analyzed in depth, prompting conversations about infrastructure enhancement and disaster management.
The Morbi bridge collapse also prompted insightful conversations about the significance of maintaining and regulating public infrastructure, highlighting the role of robust engineering standards and ongoing maintenance practices in safeguarding public safety.
Perhaps most poignant of all was the consideration of rising number of student suicides. The partakers explored the multifaceted factors contributing to this concerning trend, including academic pressure, mental health support, and societal expectations. The need for a compassionate and holistic approach to education emerged as a key takeaway.
The Mock Youth Parliament succeeded in fostering a space for dynamic, solution-oriented dialogues. The event showcased the capacity of young minds to grapple with complex issues, propose innovative solutions, and advocate for positive change in society and beyond.